Pilates & Injuries

If you have been injured or suffer from back, neck, hip/knee, shoulder conditions, research is showing that Pilates can be an effective treatment. As the exercises are performed in a reclining, sitting position and are low impact and partially weight bearing, Pilates is a safe way to rehabilitate injuries.


Back Injuries

Pilates is highly recommended by Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and back practitioners. It is a gentle, low repetition form of exercise, which focuses on core strength. Stability of the deep Transverse Abdominals and the Multifidi, create a ‘corset effect’ around the spine, which supports and protects the lumbar spine and provide a great support for a weak torso. As these muscles are strengthened, other muscles that have been over working start to release, allowing more flexibility and mobility around the spine.

By activating the correct muscles, less strain is put on the overworked tight muscles and an overall release is achieved, alleviating the pain experienced. The secret to the body is to keep it moving, creating flexibility and strength, mobility and support.