Pilates & Swimming

Pilates for Swimmers

Swim with better control and faster times- without straining your body. Precise rhythm and co-ordination between the arms, legs and upper torso is created whilst the Pilates powerhouse is essential to the swimmer as proper alignment is critical.

Pilates emphasis is on flowing, continuous movement, proper breathing patterns, concentration and postural alignment and might well be the perfect cross-training exercise for professional and recreational swimmers.

The slightest detour from the perfect postural alignment can alter your relationship with the water and its currents. When your body intuits that your core is turned on, the other muscles sense this stability and realise that they can relax.

In swimming, relaxation implies freedom of movement. The scapula, shoulders, pelvis and spine of a relaxed swimmer are balanced and aligned. Suddenly, you are able to lift your arms up and out of the water, without the typical stress and strain on your neck muscles.

Pilates exercises are performed with concentration and precision, which has a direct transfer of training to the pool.


  • Muscles fire correctly leading to more fluid movement
  • Body is aligned, leading to less strain on the neck
  • Proper mind body control leads to a steadier, faster pace
  • All of the above equal faster times without the wear and tear

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