Sport and Pilates

Pilates Exercises for Sports

Hit the ball faster and further, jump higher and longer, run and swim faster. Whether you are simply doing it for enjoyment, want to improve a personal best time or you are a professional athlete whose seconds count, Pilates is for you. Pilates develops the core, creating more agile, flexible movement patterns, creating great body awareness and posture which assist in improving strokes, strides and swing. Not only does it correct muscle imbalances but by working in a range of movements that is essential to keep sports enthusiasts supple and mobile,helping to improve performance and prevent strains and injuries.

Pilates is a flexible exercise system so modifications are made continuously to adapt the classes for each specific sport and the requirements for that sport. This allows for a range of exercises from a beginner level to advanced movements of extreme difficulty. As your body adapts and strengthens, your classes will adapt to the difficulty and intensity you require.

Cycling & Pilates Exercises


Pilates emphasises flowing, continuous movement, proper breathing techniques, concentration and postural alignment and might well be the perfect cross-training exercise for professional and recreational cyclists

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Playing Golf & Pilates Exercises

Pilates & Golf

Pilates gives golfers balance, core stability, hip stability, flexibility, strength, and increased range- of- motion, mind/body connection and effective breathing techniques

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Horse Riding & Pilates Exercises

Horse Riding

Pilates specific exercises are the most valuable exercises that any rider can follow to improve their riding and their posture. Horse riders with a strong core ride with much more skill

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Swimming & Pilates Exercises


Swim with better control and faster times without straining your body. Rhythm and co-ordination between arms, legs and upper torso is created while the Pilates powerhouse is essential to the swimmer

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