Pilates and Horse Riding

Horse Riding & Pilates Exercises

Pilates specific exercises are the most valuable exercises that any rider can follow to improve their riding and their posture. Horse riders with a strong core, ride with so much more skill.

Pilates will benefit your riding both mentally and physically. It leads to improved balance, body-awareness and stability which improves your riding position and seat and leads to better balance.

Pilates focusses on strengthening your core muscles and improves your posture so a reduction of crookedness in the rider may also be achieved.

The key to rider stability is to have flexibility and strong core muscles, they are the same muscles that are encouraged on the horse.

Balance, lean muscling and flexibility are ideal for riders. Low repetition and high variety make Pilates sessions fun and engaging and an increase in mental focus helps you get the full benefit.

Pilates specific exercises go into full detail about deep core muscles and the main postural muscles used by the rider.

The upper body is strengthened as well and the mobility of the hips, shoulders and spine are all addressed in Pilates.

A good strong core is essential for riding and must be trained out of the saddle.

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