Pilates & Cycling

Pilates and Cycling

Improve your time on the bike with better control, balance and flexibility. Improved core stability improves the power to your legs and a better posture will enable you to create a more flexible, supple body.

Pilates emphasises flowing, continuous movement, proper breathing techniques, concentration and postural alignment and might well be the perfect cross-training exercise for professional and recreational cyclists.

In cycling, when your body intuits that your core is strong, the other muscles sense this stability and realise that they can relax. Less neck and back issues will arise as your body will be stronger in all areas and freedom of movement is gained from the more supple parts.

Balanced, lean muscling and flexibility are ideal for cyclists, an increase in mental focus helps you get the full benefit.

A good strong core is essential for cycling and must be trained off of the bike.


  • Feel better after doing a ride
  • Strengthen your core and back
  • Create a more flexible, supple body
  • Your body is aligned, leading to less strain on the neck
  • Proper mind/body connection leading to a steadier, faster pace

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