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After being situated @ Broadacres shopping centre for 10 years, we headed off to life on a farm in Chartwell North Estate for another 5 years. We have recently found new premises at Willow Wood Office Park, just off Cedar Road, where we are now situated. We decided to make the move for a fresh new look of the studio, where access is easier for all the clients old and new.

On-Core, The Center of Pilates has all the equipment that a Pilates studio has to offer with the expertise and experience to match it. All trainers are fully qualified by Equallibrium, James Raaff and Associates and Basi, with over 17 years experience.

We include training programmes from Rehabilitation, pre and post pregnancy exercises, general toning to cross training of athletes. We offer Individual, Buddy, Group and Stretch classes. Through tailor making each class to your specific needs and requirements, improved strength, stretch and alignment is achieved.

The studio buzzes with enthusiasm as everybody strives for perfection and wellbeing. Positve relationships with our clients are developed in a professional and inspirational setting.

Pilates Studio Benefits

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is a generalized exercise system that can benefit almost everyone. It is infinitely adaptable to people’s different needs and requirements

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Pilates Studio Origins

Origins of Pilates

The founder of the Pilates technique was Joseph Pilates, born in 1880 in Germany. In the early 1920’s he and his wife Clare immigrated to America where he opened the first Pilates studio in New York

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